E.P.T. Early Pregnancy Test Digital: Fast, Accurate, and Easy

Finding out if you’re pregnant can be a big deal. For some people, it just sort of happens how it happens without there being much intention behind the pregnancy. For other people, it can take months, even years, of trying to conceive before they get the news they have been hoping for for so long.

When the time comes to pee on the stick, you want to know what is going on as soon as possible. This waiting period can take anywhere from 30 seconds to upwards of 10 minutes, depending on the test.

Of course, those are the extreme cases and don’t necessarily speak to the average wait time. That seems to be closer to 5 minutes. So once that 5 minutes is up, then what? Then you have to figure out what the heck the test is trying to tell you. With the more traditional line tests that utilizes a dye, deciphering the result can be tough. With the rise in popularity of digital tests, some of the guess work involved with taking a pregnancy test is removed.

These newer digital tests give a very clear message: either you’re pregnant or you’re not. In the case of the E.P.T. Early Pregnancy Test Digital, the message is either “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” Clear. Simple. To the point. The E.P.T. Early Pregnancy Test Digital is not only easy to use, it is fast and it is accurate. Overall, however, how does it compare against other pregnancy tests?

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  • Can pick up hormonal differences 4 days prior to an expected period with 99% accuracy
  • Results easily visible in wand’s digital display window as either “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”
  • Rapid results in as soon as 3 minutes after urinating on the wick
  • Best results received on or after the day of a missed period
  • Hourglass appears when results are processing


  • Easy to use from the point of urination to the output of the verdict
  • Fast and accurate results whether user is hoping for or against pregnancy
  • Don’t have to wait for around 5 minute for lines to appear or not line the strip tests


  • User has to urinate directly on the wick of the wand
  • Short shelf life
  • Multiple cases of battery and/or digital screen going bad and not putting out any sort of verdict
  • Many cases of the digital screen having an output with error symbols even when taken correctly
  • Isn’t as sensitive as the test styles with double lines


The E.P.T. Pregnancy Test Digital is an extremely accurate test, picking up hormone changes as early as 4 days before the day a period is expected to begin. That 99% accuracy that early on isn’t always the case, even with a lot of other digital tests.

Not to mention it is a very easy test to take and read the results of this test. Add that to the fact that it is one of the faster processing pregnancy tests and this product is definitely one to take a second look at.

Unfortunately, that second look may reveal some issues. This test has the tendency to have some problems with its digital components. For instance, a short battery life when stored away on a shelf for too long (without being beyond its marked use by date). There are also some cases of the screen just going bad for no perceivable reason. If either of these things ends up being a widespread problem, that could get expensive.

Not to mention annoying and possibly infuriating. But most of the issues appear to occur with tests closer to their use by date. If consumers make note of the date when purchasing and use the test relatively soon after their purchase, the issues with the battery and digital display may be avoided.

The E.P.T. Pregnancy Test Digital does very well in many of the main categories looked at when comparing different pregnancy tests: early detection, accuracy, output speed, and ease of use.

While there are a few quirks, overall this appears to be a very good tests for individual looking to check if they are pregnant without having to deal with reading the double lines on more traditional strips.

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