First Response Pro Digital Pregnancy Test Kit: Bluetooth Baby

Rock-a-bye baby when the app syncs, mother will know the results on the sink, but while she waits puppies will play for the few minutes of the delay. Waiting for a pregnancy test to pop out a verdict can be incredibly tedious.

That stands true if you are hoping to be pregnant, or if you are hoping you aren’t pregnant. Some pregnancy tests like making things fun by giving the results as a smiley face or a frowny face.

Others might include a heart around the word, “YES.” For people hoping that the test will output a “Not Pregnant” result, those images could be like a blunt kick to the face: unpleasant. As far as that terrible few minutes of waiting, an hourglass or countdown is more likely to add to anxiety and agitate those butterflies in the belly.

First Response attempted veer away from these standard images that don’t always fall in line with their intentions. The First Response Pro Digital Pregnancy Test Kit doesn’t just give you puppies to look at while you are waiting.

The Bluetooth synced app, in the case of a “Yes” verdict, also continues to send you helpful information for the duration of your pregnancy. So how does this high-tech pregnancy test compare to other low-tech pregnancy tests?

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  • Kit contains 1 pregnancy test
  • Bluetooth capable pregnancy test to sync with an exclusive smartphone app
  • It is able to detect the shift in hormones typical of a pregnancy 5 days before an expected period
  • Starting the day of the expected period, the test is 99% accurate


  • Comes with a smartphone app that continues to provide pregnancy tracking and supportive information for 9 months after the test has been taken
  • Has a countdown for providing the results, for those who like that
  • Results are shown both on the test stick (yes/no) and in the app
  • There isn’t any of the confusion related to the two line style tests
  • Puppies are available for your viewing pleasure on the app while you wait for your results


  • The Bluetooth connectivity is not useful for people without an appropriate Bluetooth capable device
  • The Bluetooth connectivity sends information to a user’s phone, which isn’t favorable if a person is trying to hide the pregnancy for some reason
  • Issues can arise getting the test to wirelessly connect to user’s Bluetooth capable device
  • App can be overly complicated to setup and use for some people
  • Downloading the app can be a lengthy process if user has a slow internet connection
  • Stick’s startup time can be lengthy in some cases


Admittedly, the First response Pro Digital Pregnancy Test Kit has some cool features going for it. Mainly, the decision to develop an app for this product will really help it appeal to the growing number of young, tech-savvy individuals who are beginning to start families of their own.

For lovers of the latest technological advancements, the First Response Pro Digital Pregnancy Test Kit is perfect. It might also be perfect for people who are calmed by adorable puppies, or even people who would love a little more pregnancy support from an app on their phone.

This kit is not perfect for a lot of other people.

That includes anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone, anyone who is technologically challenged, or anyone who wants to take the test quickly (app setup takes time). It is also important to note that while the Bluetooth sync might be secure, that doesn’t guarantee that the app is secure from hackers fishing for data.

This kit would probably not be a good choice for anyone looking to keep their pregnancy a secret. If the mother finds herself in a bad relationship situation with someone willing to go through her phone, an app saying she is pregnant could be fuel on a dangerous fire. On the other side of this coin, trying to keep the pregnancy a surprise could go sideways if someone unintentionally catches a glimpse of an alert popping up from the app.

The First Response Pro Digital Pregnancy Test Kit is a great concept…in theory. Right now, however, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. Considering that this is the first Bluetooth capable pregnancy test, that is understandable.

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