Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit: What You Need When You Need It

Freedom. Fun. Fantastic times. Friends with benefits or just a normal Friday night closer. Filled family house or recently fired. Some people just aren’t trying to get pregnant. Some people are actively trying to not get pregnant, but they aren’t willing or interested in giving up the fun that leads to conceiving.

If abstinence isn’t on the table, a good backup for contraceptives is to know when you or your significant other is most fertile. It is during this stretch of time that a person is naturally more likely to conceive as a result of that lack of abstinence.  It’s kind of like not planning a picnic when you know there is a high chance of rain. Luckily, it can be easy enough to track the forecast if you have the right tools.

The Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit offers consumers a way to track their cycle by way of ovulation tests. The second line of the test will appear or get darker around the ideal baby making time. It is an easy way to help avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Still it is nice to have some pregnancy tests on hand in the case that there is any reason for double checking.

Again, the Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit would have you covered. The kit also includes a collection of pregnancy tests alongside the ovulation tests. With these perks, how does this product compare to other pregnancy and ovulation tests?

Table Of Contents


  • 50 Ovulation Test Strips
  • 20 Pregnancy Test Strips
  • Designed for people trying to conceive naturally
  • Tests strips help people predict when they will be more fertile by making it easy to track ovulation surge
  • Convenient for people with irregular periods
  • Easy to read with one line meaning negative two lines meaning positive
  • Tests have a 99.8% accuracy
  • Able to detect HCG as low as 25mlU/ml
  • Satisfaction guarantee with the manufacturer


  • Very good customer service; company is prompt in their refunds for the satisfaction guarantee
  • Ideal for accurately tracking ovulation
  • Good for testing twice a day to catch the 24 hour or so window when body chemicals spike
  • Provided very early results for some people, compared to when other tests showed a positive result


  • Lots of false positives showing the control line as well as a faint second line for pregnancy tests
  • Previous hormone therapy can impact the results given by these tests and cause false positives
  • Tests no longer considered accurate outside of the 3-5 minute window after dipping in urine
  • Multiple cases of the product being damaged in the box
  • Product is not as sensitive as name brand tests


The Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips Combo Kit has convenience for consumers at the helm. It seems to be the guiding principle for this product. From the bulk availability, to the accuracy, to the customer service and satisfaction guarantee, Easy@Home is definitely trying.

The ovulation tests included in this kit are a great resource for individuals looking to track their natural cycle. Especially for people with irregular periods, this can be a huge benefit. The tests are accurately able to pick up on that spike in hormones when a woman is about to ovulate.

That being said, the tests in these kits have a lot of issues. Whether due to evaporation lines, human error, or faulty product, there have been numerous cases where these tests were read as being false positive. This can be heartbreaking for someone trying to conceive. It has also been found that having some forms of hormone therapy can actually influence the result put out by the test.

Specifically, it can lead to false positives. It is also important to note that Easy@Home does not consider the ovulation or pregnancy test to be accurate outside of a certain window of time. Presumably, extended exposure can affect the chemical reaction and make it invalid. If consumers decide to purchase this product, they can at least be content in the knowledge that the company has a good satisfaction guarantee and good customer service.

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