AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips: Comparable to More Expensive Tests

Deciding to start a family is a big decision. There’s the living space, the monetary implications, the readiness of the parent or parents. These are just a few things that future parents-to-be need to keep in mind when they are considering having a baby. Then there are the possibilities of complications.

Are the potential parents-to-be ready for the possibility that not everything will go as planned during and after the pregnancy? But one of the decisions that parents-to-be need to make early on is which pregnancy test to use to find out if they’re pregnant. Which one should they choose before they share the big news with their friends and family?

Knowing you can trust the test you take is really important. A false positive can be heartbreaking. A false negative can be heart wrenching, stomach flopping like going backwards up a vertical rollercoaster incline. The AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips don’t want you to go through either of those emotions on your path to parenthood. But are the AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips really the best choice for you?

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  • 25 HCG pregnancy tests strips
  • Results 5 minutes after dipping the stick in the cup of urine
  • Can pick up levels of HCG from as low as the FDA standard of 25mlU/ml
  • Able to detect a pregnancy as early as 5 days before a missed period
  • Tests are 99% accurate


  • Very early results
  • Clear lines indicating positive of negative results
  • Cost effective for individuals who prefer to test very often
  • Individually wrapped in aluminum
  • Clear instructions with each wrapper instead of just on the box
  • Just as good as or better than the more expensive name brand tests


  • Sticks have to be dipped in a cup filled with urine
  • Kit doesn’t come with any sort of disposable cups
  • Tests are relatively small, therefore fingers are closer to urine soaked end
  • There isn’t any sort of plastic casing around these strips to hold onto
  • Indicator lines might be clear, but they are still faint
  • Numerous cases of receiving expired tests
  • Shows evaporation lines
  • Numerous cases of the dye running
  • False positives even when just dipped in water
  • Drinking a bunch of water to pee more dilutes the urine and makes it harder to pick up the HCG levels


The AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips are decent pregnancy tests. The biggest barrier to human error with pregnancy tests is the inclusion of clear and concise instructions. This product has that. Even with instructions, though, there is bound to be an ‘oops’ here and there. This product would still have you covered because there are plenty of tests included in the box.

You can use just a few of them, or if you really want, you could even use the whole box if you wanted to be extra sure of the results. These tests can also get results pretty early. Some consumers actually equate this product to other more complex and expensive pregnancy tests.

Unfortunately, this product does have a lot of things working against it. Some consumers dislike the small size of these tests because it leaves pinching fingers very close to the urine saturated end of the test. That is an advantage of the wand style of tests: they have a plastic buffer between fingers and urine.

This test is lacking in that respect. Not to mention the disposable cups to dip the test into have to be purchased separately. Even if you fill those cups with water, though, you might still get a false positive from dipping one of these tests in just that water.

There are also a lot of issue with evaporation lines and the dye either running or being very faint. These problems make these tests difficult to read. While these aren’t always the case, they are some pretty decent concerns for consumers looking for a good product. In the case of this product, the cons probably end up outweighing the pros.

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