Easy@Home Pregnancy Test Sticks Review

Being pregnant is big news for a woman. Having kids and babies is a great thing, no doubt. Kids tend to add a lot to our lives. They bring a lot of change, but also a lot of hope and happiness as well.

It’s important to know and plan before the kid arrives. Giving birth to a child is a long and beautiful journey that leads to motherhood.

All this begins with the arrival of the being pregnant news. Now, if you can’t wait to pee on the stick you should get yourself a dedicated pregnancy stick.

Of course, we don’t need to explain to you what a pregnancy stick is. Most of you reading this have probably come into contact with one already.

Gone are those days when pregnancy detection tests took a couple of hours to give confirmed news. Pregnancy sticks are commonly used to detect early pregnancy at home only by following a simple process.

On encountering pregnancy symptoms, a pregnancy stick is used to determine pregnancy before taking clinical services. Now, after being aware of all this, it becomes necessary to find the best possible stick for yourself or your lovely wife. So, read on to find out all about Easy@Home Pregnancy Test Sticks.

This particular product comes in a pack of 5. This pregnancy stick is made with ease of use for women in mind, which ensures easy detection in their TTC days.

Getting pregnant naturally is the prime feature of this product. The product is quite easy to use. You could test for pregnancy by peeing on the test absorbent pad or in a cup.

This makes it easier for those that don’t find the idea of the cup comfortable. The more important aspect is the reading accuracy, which frankly is quite accurate and one of the best in the market.


  • Two testing methods use either the test absorbent pad or a cup making the test precise
  • It has an accurate reading of 99.8%
  • It can provide results faster and can detect pregnancy in the early stages of implantation at the day of missed period
  • User friendly design that ensures comfort for women during TTC days
  • The product has been approved by FDA
  • The efficient customer service experts can be contacted for any query


  • Accurate results displayed with a drop of urine sample make it a versatile product
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s easy to read the results
  • It’s good value for money


  • Some of the sticks in the batches might have issues

To Summarize

Many people know of pregnancy tests, but not many know how they work. Pregnancy tests are used to test whether you have conceived or not, which should be obvious based on the name. They work by measuring a hormone known as HCG in your urine.

Based on the features mentioned above, this product is very easy to handle. The results are displayed in a simple manner, which makes it very clear to understand about the result of your pregnancy within few seconds.

In addition, the tracking is highly accurate and clearly visible. With absorbent pad available in the kit, you do not have to worry about collecting the sample.

Simply, dip the test tip in the bottle of a urine sample or collect a sample of urine on the pad. You will be amazed to see the display of lines that will state whether you are pregnant or not.

Moreover, users can get benefited by using the comfortably designed products.

The sophisticatedly designed pregnancy strip proves to be a reliable testing kit as it can confirm the pregnancy immediately before the implantation occurs. However, the expert team of professionals can be contacted at any time to prevent any type of dissatisfaction.


When it comes to Easy@Home pregnancy stick and First Choice pregnancy stick, both the products do a great job in terms of result. They have a high accuracy percentage and do their job as far as pregnancy tests are concerned.

If we were to choose between the two products, then Easy@Home pregnancy test sticks would win.

The different methods of testing are what made it far superior to the other product. The self-absorbent pad makes it easier and convenient for women that don’t feel comfortable with the idea of using cups.

The pads available with this pack are a self-diagnostic tool. Being a direct type of test, it easily absorbs urine and identifies the hCG levels.

It also boasts of a user friendly design, which made it easier for women to use it midstream without issues. Add to this the fact that Easy Home Pregnancy Stick comes in various packages, namely one of 5, 10 and 20. All in all, both products are great, but Easy@Home is the best and trustworthy.


Very often we get confused by seeing plenty pregnancy sticks belonging to different brands are available in the market. Many pregnancy sticks are available in the market today. They tend to claim that they are 99% accurate.

This might leave you wondering are they all accurate? The answer is no. A majority of the brands in the market aren’t as accurate as they portray themselves to be.

This is why you should be very careful with the products you choose to buy. Keep an eye on the reviews of the test and don’t trust what they say as much.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic website states that in a recent research study many of the pregnancy tests were shown not to be sensitive enough to notice changes in the hormonal levels in the early stages of fertilization. With the above-mentioned features, the Easy@Home Pregnancy Test Sticks gives satisfactory results.

It gives fair and clean results without leaving any confusion among the couples. On using it, you will never get faint lines that lead to pregnancy-related doubts.

Ultimately, it makes to be a wonderful product and using this you can announce the news as early as possible by putting an end to the wait.

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