Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips: For When You Need Quick and Conclusive Results

So you’ve missed your period. Now what? Well, if you think you could be pregnant, the next step would be to purchase a pregnancy test. Or several. Or maybe even a few dozen pregnancy tests. It’s all up to you.

Do what you think will be best for you and your situation. You want to know why? Because you might be pregnant, that’s why. Maybe you’re scared. Maybe you’re excited. Maybe you are just in shock at the thought of being pregnant. That’s okay. Are you feeling all of those emotions, maybe even more, all at once? That’s okay, too.

Whether this possible pregnancy was intentional or not, you need to take a pregnancy test to figure out if you need to switch around your next steps in life. You definitely don’t want to go out for drinks on Friday if you are pregnant, for example.

Whatever your plans, it is better safe than sorry, especially in this case. The Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips hit a lot of the checkmarks that people are looking to tick for their pregnancy test. But do theseWondfo Pregnancy Test Strips stand their ground against the other pregnancy tests available for purchase?

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  • Each pack includes 25 testing strips
  • Results take a quick 5 minutes to be conclusive one way or the other
  • Strips are easy to use by urinating in cup then dipping the thin stick into urine
  • Strips are individually wrapped in each pack


  • The tests are extremely sensitive
  • Accurate
  • Size and sensitivity make them particularly good for watching the line gradually darken
  • There aren’t any visible evaporation lines
  • The dye lines of these strips are very clear and don’t bleed
  • Cost effective for testing multiple days in a row or multiple times in a single day


  • Taking these tests can result in false negatives
  • You have to urinate into a cup to use these tests
  • Kit does not come with cups to urinate in
  • Can get damaged in shipping
  • Certain diets high in cola or apples can result in enough residual chemicals to evoke a false positive
  • These tests can be misinterpreted and less clear than some more expensive tests


The Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips are touted for being very sensitive pregnancy tests. This means that they are likely to pick up on lower levels of the hormones that indicate a pregnancy, letting you know sooner to the date of conception if you are pregnant or not. It isn’t considered as accurate a result, but it might give you a good idea sooner rather than later. This test also avoids the issue of evaporation lines.

This is an advantage it has over some other tests because evaporation lines can be mistaken as a second dye line, therefore resulting in an apparent false positive. In fact, the dye lines of these strips are praised for being bold and crisp. There isn’t even the issue of the dye bleeding, which can make the consumer’s reading inaccurate.

For people who want to take a lot of pregnancy tests but don’t want to spend all of their money on pregnancy tests, the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips are a very viable option.

Onward to more negative waters. Urine trouble. With this style of test, consumers have to first pee in a cup. The tests then have to be dipped in the cup for a few seconds. These tests cannot be peed on directly. There are people who don’t like this and would instead prefer the wand style tests.

There have been a miniscule number of cases of false positives, but the reasoning given was that these cases were with women who drank a lot of cola or apple juice. While false positives aren’t something often observed with these tests, there have been cases of false negatives.

Now, it is possible that false negatives that did occur were a result of taking the test too early or maybe even improperly, but it is difficult to say either way.

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