Pregnancy Test Sensitivity: How It Impacts The Result?

Pregnancy Test Sensitivity: How It Impacts The Result?

In trying to find out if you’re pregnant, the first thing you would most likely do is take a pregnancy test. This means that the pregnancy test you choose should be accurate and sensitive enough to give you the right results.

The most important aspect of a pregnancy test is its sensitivity as a majority of women would be willing to pay a lot of money just to find out if they are pregnant or not. Pregnancy tests are most precise when they are used a week after a woman notices a delay in her period.

This gives emphasis on the sensitivity of pregnancy tests. You need to know about the sensitivity of the pregnancy kits that you use, and which one is the best.

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Pregnancy Test Brands: All You Need To Know About The Tests

Pregnancy Test Brands: All You Need To Know About The Tests

Feeling that you might be on a family way? This is perfect time to go for a home pregnancy test! A pregnancy test is the easiest as it does the legwork for without causing any hassle.

It is a cost -effective way for you to know whether you are pregnant or not. With advancements in technology and continued innovation over the years, pregnancy test kits have become more and more reliable, and accurate.

Given that they are available in virtually all drugstores and even some grocery stores, they are easily accessible to a lot of people. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works.

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First Choice Pregnancy Test Review

First Choice Pregnancy Test Review

For many couples, the time of testing for pregnancy can be a nerve-wracking one. It doesn’t matter whether the pregnancy was planned or not. The nervousness among the women and men are the same as they are about to have a lifetime experience.

When do you become pregnant? We usually suspect about being pregnant only when we are late. How do you come to know about the pregnancy?

Being late for the period does not necessarily means that you are on the family way. So, now comes the time when you have to test it.  You are eager, anxious to know what’s cooking in the bun.

However, with the introduction of initial pregnancy testing methods at home, you don’t have to keep guessing whether you are going to get a happy news or vice versa. These versatile sticks have put an end to the long process of getting urine sample tested.

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Easy@Home Pregnancy Test Sticks Review

Easy@Home Pregnancy Test Sticks Review

Being pregnant is big news for a woman. Having kids and babies is a great thing, no doubt. Kids tend to add a lot to our lives. They bring a lot of change, but also a lot of hope and happiness as well.

It’s important to know and plan before the kid arrives. Giving birth to a child is a long and beautiful journey that leads to motherhood.

All this begins with the arrival of the being pregnant news. Now, if you can’t wait to pee on the stick you should get yourself a dedicated pregnancy stick.

Of course, we don’t need to explain to you what a pregnancy stick is. Most of you reading this have probably come into contact with one already.

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What Does This Line Mean? A Faint Line On Your Pregnancy Test Explained

A Faint Line On Your Pregnancy Test Explained

So you think you might be pregnant. Luckily we live in the 21st century and there are many different tests available that you can easily take at home. They even give you quick and easy to understand results. Don’t they? Well they are supposed to at least.

Some boast to be so accurate that you don’t even have to wait until you missed a period to get a result. But sometimes the result on the test you took can look a little strange.

Even if you did wait after you missed a period you can still get a fuzzy line. You don’t want a pregnancy test to confuse you more. The reason you are taking this test in the first place is to be certain about whether you are expecting or not.

But what does it mean when there is a faint line, or a faint symbol on the test? Well, in this piece we will try to clarify this for you. We will cover some of the basic elements about pregnancy tests, so you will be able to know what is going on when the tests seems to be shirking its duty to tell you clearly what is happening.

Pregnant or not

Most home tests will have two lines that can show up. The control line and the positive line. If you are not pregnant only the control line will be visible. But if you are pregnant the positive result line will show up as well. This line is usually clearly visible. So, what does a faint line mean? Well, basically that you are pregnant, but necessarily very far along.

An indication of a positive result, no matter how faint, is still a positive result. False positives are extremely rare, and if you have checked that any medication you may be taking cant mess with the results, the chance is even slimmer.

What is a faint line and what isn’t?

A faint line to someone might be a clear line to someone else. But a line that you can see even if it is really faint, is still a line and still an indication that there are hormones present. When a line is so faint that you can barely see it, and need to convince other people that it is really there.

The best thing to do will be to wait a day or two and do another test. That way you give your body time to generate more hormones, and you will get a more distinct line on the test.

Evaporation lines

There are other lines that can also cause some confusion when it comes to the results of a pregnancy test. The little buggers are evaporation lines and can also give you the wrong idea when it comes knowing if you are pregnant or not.

You might see a faint positive line on the test. You paid attention to what we said before, so that must mean that you are pregnant because the line is there. But unfortunately this is also not always true.

You might see a faint positive line and it will be a false positive. This is because of an evaporation line that has appeared. These faint lines usually appear after the time of the test results as passed. This is usually quite a few minutes after the result of the test should have clearly appeared.

The best way to be sure about the results you are seeing is to read the instructions of the specific test very carefully. The instructions should tell you when you will see the results. That way you will be able to recognize evaporation lines more easily.

Most tests like these should give clear results within three to five minutes. A faint line that shows up long after this time will most like be an evaporation line. Then it will mean that you are not pregnant.

You should also keep in mind that if you take the test earlier in the day, it will give more accurate results. The best time is actually to test first thing in the morning. Another factor that can have an influence on the results is if your urine is too diluted. If it is to dilute you probably should be able to attend.

Our Last words on the line

In this piece we have tried to make the lines a bit clearer for you. The most important things that you can keep in mind with pregnancy tests and their results are that you need to look at the instructions.

Then you also need to remember that a faint line, can mean that you are pregnant, but only if it showed up during the time the test says it should. If it shows up later it can be an evaporation line and that will mean that you are not pregnant.

If you have taken a test once or twice and you see a faint line but you are not sure if it really is a positive, visit your doctor who can help you with a more accurate test. A doctor can even do a blood test to show exactly if you are pregnant or not.

All in all, the best thing to do is to not believe the first test you take. Do one or two extra tests a few days apart so you can get a bit of a clearer idea. You could even use tests from different brands and see if they all give you the same result.

The best thing is to wait until you have skipped a period and then take a test or two. You can take a test before you miss a period, but the results are more likely to show a faint line.

Hopefully things are a little clearer when it comes to the lines on pregnancy tests. We hope you will be able to know from the lines you see if you are pregnant or not. So you can enjoy this phase of your journey without worrying about faint little lines.

What is The Most Accurate Pregnancy Test?

What is The Most Accurate Pregnancy Test

One of the most important events of any women’s life is when you realize that you are pregnant. But you don’t want to go through the emotional roller-coaster of discovering that the test was not really accurate and gave you the wrong idea. Accuracy is key when it comes to any type of test designed for your body and health.

When it comes to pregnancy tests, you want to know that you are getting accurate results that you can trust. This is a life changing event after all. But let’s start with the basics, so we can be sure that you are clear about the whole process about when and how to take a test. Then we can help you when it comes to choosing the most accurate type of pregnancy test.

How does a pregnancy test work?

Most pregnancy tests are designed to work with either a sample of blood or a sample of urine. Home pregnancy tests are usually designed to test a urine sample.

The test is focused on detecting whether there is any hCG in the sample. This is a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, and is produced when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus. This hormone hangs around for a while after fertilization so a basic test for this hormone is usually enough to tell you if you are pregnant.

Types of tests

Once you miss a period, you will start to think about the possibly that you could be pregnant. Luckily the tests available can quickly tell you where you stand, so you won’t have to wait a few months to see what happens before you can be sure. Like we said, there are two main types of tests. Those that work with blood samples or those that work with urine samples.

Blood tests are done in a doctor’s office, or by a nurse at a clinic. These tests can detect pregnancy quite early but the results usually take quite a bit longer than with home tests that work with urine.

Urine pregnancy tests are the ones that are most easily available and can be used at home. Your doctor might even give you a urine test as well. The added benefit of home urine tests are that they are private, convenient, easy to use and can give you quite accurate results really quickly.

The most accurate of tests

One of the first things that will influence the accuracy of pregnancy tests is how soon you decide to use them. You will be able to get the best results about a week after you missed a period. Some tests can be used earlier, but if you really want clear accurate results, give your body a day or two before you test.

With that said, home pregnancy tests can be very accurate, up to 99 percent. Blood tests are even more accurate than this. The accuracy of a home urine test will depend on a few things. This can be things like, how accurately you follow the instructions, how soon after fertilization you take the test and when you ovulate but also on the brand of test.

Different types of home tests

Some tests work as dip tests. You collect a urine sample in a cup and then dip a test strip into the sample. Other tests are designed to work by being directly activated by your urine stream. A third type also works with a sample in a cup, but then you use a dropper to put a sample on a tester.

It will take a few minutes with each of these tests for the results to show up. Different tests will have different ways to showing a positive or negative result. Some might give a plus sign, or two parallel lines. There also some digital tests available that will indicate pregnant or not-pregnant.

If any of the results seem strange to you the best thing to do is to consult your doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what a strange result might mean. The main thing to remember is that a positive result, no matter how faint the line is, or how light the positive sign, it indicates pregnancy.

Less than accurate

Sometimes, very rarely you can get a positive result even though you are not pregnant. Not only is this result disappointing and emotional. It can make you doubt the accuracy of other tests. But there are few things to take into account when there is a false positive.

Certain drugs can throw the results off, as can blood or protein in your urine. Luckily you can always consult your doctor when you are unsure about anything related to pregnancy.

A few other things can also affect your results. It can also indicate that a result is negative, while it is not. A test past its expiration date can give false negative results, or no result at all. So be sure to check the dates on the packaging. Diluted urine, which runs very clear, can also be too diluted to give accurate results.

Follow the instructions of the tests carefully because it can also influence the results. Sometimes you may have taken the test to early. In that case you can wait a few days and take the test again.

Certain medications can influence various aspects of pregnancy but also ovulation tests. So check with your doctor if your medication might have a role in the result you see on the test.

The most accurate

IF you are still not very sure about the results you see on a home test, it will be good to get a blood test. These are the most accurate so ask your doctor, or visit a nurse or clinic. These health care professionals will be able to administer the test and give you the most accurate results and also ask your questions while you are there.

Hopefully this piece helped clear a few things up when it comes to pregnancy tests. Good luck with this exciting phase of your life.

Generation Guards 50 Ovulation Strips, 20 Pregnancy Tests Review

Generation Guards 50 Ovulation Strips, 20 Pregnancy Tests Review

It can be uncertain when you are trying to conceive, and when you do home tests you want to know that it works effectively. When you are planning to become a parent you don’t want to spend time guessing about what tests are telling you and if can trust the results. It can easily become very expensive.

We are here to help, in this review we will give you some more information about Generation Guard’s pregnancy and ovulation test kit. We will give you an overview of what this kit features. We will also go over the pros and cons of these tests so you can get a clear idea if this will work for you.

This test kit from Generation Guard includes fifty ovulation test strips and twenty pregnancy test strips. It boasts 99 percent accuracy and has been approved by the FDA. It is designed for early pregnancy detection so you don’t have to wait until you miss a period.

It is fast acting so you will have results within three short minutes. The pack also contains ovulation test strips so you can keep track of your cycle more accurately when you want to conceive.

Let’s take a closer look at what these tests offer and how they measure up.


  • It has an accuracy of 99 percent
  • It has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • It is designed for the early detection of pregnancy, even before you miss a period
  • The pregnancy test can detect hCG levels from 25mIU/ml
  • The Ovulation test strips detect the levels of LH and the surge that indicates ovulation
  • It is fast acting and easy to use
  • Results are visible in 3 minutes
  • It is a combo pack with 20 pregnancy tests and 50 ovulation test strips


  • The packaging is simple yet effective
  • The tests are labeled distinctly and clearly so you won’t get confused between the two
  • Each test is individually wrapped
  • These strips work easily and are simply dipped in a urine sample
  • There are clear instructions included
  • The pregnancy test is actually quite sensitive
  • The price is really low for the amount of tests


  • The ovulation strips take a bit longer than the described time to give accurate results
  • Better instructions are needed for the ovulation (LH) tests
  • The lines are not always very visible
  • The pregnancy test varies in accuracy if you test very early, it becomes more accurate after you miss a period
  • The ovulation test strips may tend to get evaporation lines


From the moment you receive these tests they try to make a good impression. The packaging is simple, yet well organized and effective. These test strips work as dip tests that you dip into a urine sample. The package contains good amount of test, especially for the price.

The pregnancy test and ovulation test are clearly marked differently so they are easy to distinguish. The instructions for the pregnancy test is very clear and easy to follow.

These tests are also really reasonably priced, especially when you take into account the amount of tests that are included. Depending on how you track your cycle, these tests can actually supply you for quite some time.

In the spirit of fairness, as there are always positive or negative results, we won’t only stay with the good things. On the more negative side, the ovulation strips take a while longer than the promised 3 minutes to show accurate results.

The ovulation tests (that read LH) can also do with better instructions, because you need to take into account where in your cycle you are and that you need to test after 10 am or even after noon to get the best results.

The ovulation strips, and sometimes some of the pregnancy strips, can get evaporation lines. The result lines can also be quite light in some cases, so check carefully if you see one or two lines. One line means only the control test activated and it is a negative result.

The main thing to remember here, is that if you are new to ovulation test strips, they can seem a bit more complicated than a straightforward home pregnancy test. But once you know how to track your cycle and when to test, the results will be quite accurate.

In our opinion the positives outweigh the negatives with these tests.


When it comes to planning a family, there are already many things you can worry about. The test that should help you confirm if you are on your way to becoming a parent should not be one of them.

Remember that for a positive result you need to see two lines, even if they are faint. It is actually as simple as that. The generation guard pack with pregnancy tests and ovulation tests offers really good value for money. On the whole it is very easy to use and gives accurate results.

Take the time to carefully check when and how to test your LH levels with the ovulation tests, as these can be a little more complicated to get right immediately. The pregnancy test has a high level of accuracy especially for a less expensive one.

We can really recommend these tests. They are well packaged and are quite accurate for basic dip tests. They give you results within a few quick minutes so you can know where you stand. As with any home medical test, if you are still unsure after a long time, and mixed results, talk to your doctor.

These tests can be used by those of you who are scientific about the way you track your cycle and ovulation, but can also be used by the less scientific women out there. Hopefully this review has cleared up weather Generation Guard’s test will be useful for you as you try to conceive. Good luck with your exciting journey.

ClinicalGuard LH Ovulation Test Strips & Pregnancy Test Strip Combo Review

ClinicalGuard LH Ovulation Test Strips & Pregnancy Test Strip Combo Review

When you want to know if you are pregnant without a doubt, you want an accurate test. Perhaps you are still preparing to start on your parenthood journey and just want to get a handle on your cycle and when you are ovulating. In this case a good test will help you decide on timing, but also save you money on using tests that don’t accurately tell you where you are.

In this review we will tell you a little more about Clinical Guard’s Ovulation and Pregnancy test strip combo. We will tell you what these tests offer in terms of their features. We will also tell you about the good aspects of these tests. We will also be fair, and hopefully as clear as you want a test to be, we will tell you what is not good about these tests.

We will give you a verdict so you can decide if these products will be helpful to you when you need to be sure about what your body is doing and telling you. This is a life changing event and you want to be sure if you are pregnant or not.

Let’s take a look below so you can get a clear overview of what Clinical Guard offers with its tests and if you will be happy with this offer. These tests can be used at home and reacts within five minutes.

You get 20 pregnancy test strips and 50 ovulation test strips, which work in the same way as any of these typical tests. The ovulation test measures Luteinizing Hormone in urine, whereas the pregnancy test measures HCG in urine.


  • The urine ovulation test and urine pregnancy test can easily be administered yourself
  • The test strips have a sensitivity of 25mIU or 25ng/L
  • The ovulation test works by detecting Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in the urine sample
  • The pregnancy test is designed to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine
  • It reacts within 5 minutes for quick results
  • The pack contains 20 pregnancy test strips and 50 ovulation test strips
  • Shipping weight: 8 ounces (226g)
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches (11.68 x 8.89 x 5.8cm)


  • Distinct color bands appear in the control and in the test zones
  • These tests are very reasonably priced
  • It does not give strange results
  • When used within the correct time frame you don’t get many false positives
  • The pregnancy tests have a clear dark line
  • In most cases it does not leave evaporation lines and the ovulation test gives clear negative lines


  • The lines on the control are very light, and can be inaccurate
  • The lines are not very dark
  • The ovulation test has a very light control lines compared to other brands


First, let’s start with the packaging. When you buy a large amount of tests at the same time it will need a larger container than single use tests. The box is well designed with good visuals, but you will not be able to discreetly hide it anywhere. So if you don’t care that the rest of the people in your house know you are in the midst of discovering when a baby might be on the way, it will be fine.

On the other hand, if you want some privacy surrounding the matter, you will need a large bathroom cupboard. But that is all just cosmetic. Let’s get down to how these tests perform.

These pregnancy and ovulation tests by Clinical Guard vary a little in their effectivity. If we start with the pregnancy test, it is a reliable and easy to use strip. It does not have any evaporation lines and the results are easy to see in both positive and negative cases. It is accurate and easy to use.

The ovulation test does not measure up as great as the pregnancy test itself. The lines are not as clear or distinct as with the pregnancy test. When you compare these to other brands the lines are also very light and can leave you unsure of the results. Although this does not seem to happen in all cases, it can be frustrating wasting a month on these.

With both these tests, the results will be clear and accurate if you follow the instructions and wait the full five minutes for the reaction.

As with any set of tests there can be a few in the batch that aren’t exactly as clear, show evaporation lines or give false negatives (in the case of ovulation tests at least).You can do a couple of tests before you dismiss the single result. This is a type of home science after all and as a good scientist you can question results.

Our verdict

All things considered, the Clinical Guard’s Ovulation and Pregnancy test strip combo offer great value for money. Both of these tests are easy to use by yourself. The fact that they come as a combo is helpful when you are trying to conceive and need to track your ovulation and keep tabs on whether you are pregnant or not.

When you use the home pregnancy test, just remember that the test line must be dark, or darker than the control line. Even if it is not as dark as you expected, it can still be darker than the control line. When it comes to the ovulation test, keep in mind that there is always some LH in your system. There is a surge when you ovulate and that is when the test will give a clear positive.

So if you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money while you are trying to conceive, and you don’t want to run to the store thousands of times. This combo pack by Clinical Guard is a good deal. It is easy to use, accurate to a high level, and convenient. Hopefully these tests will help you know exactly where you are in your journey towards conceiving.

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