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What Does Two Lines on a Pregnancy Test Mean?

By Jeanna / April 23, 2017

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive, you may have been waiting for days when you can actually take a home pregnancy test kit to see if you have successfully conceived or not. So you head to your nearest drug store, purchase a pregnancy test kit, and check the contents.


Reading the Lines: What Does a Positive Pregnancy Test Look Like?

By Jeanna / April 16, 2017

Home pregnancy test kits have made it possible for women to check whether they are pregnant or not simply by taking the test in the comfort of their very own home. In doing so, they can check first whether they have possibly conceived before heading to the hospital for a second test.


False Alarm: What Can Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test Result?

By Jeanna / March 26, 2017

Home pregnancy test kits are affordable and easy to use. Most come in simple packaging and easy to follow instructions wherein you will only need to follow two steps before you see the results. Couples who are trying to conceive often use a home pregnancy test kit to check if a woman has become pregnant before heading to the doctor for a pregnancy blood test.