First Choice Pregnancy Test Review

For many couples, the time of testing for pregnancy can be a nerve-wracking one. It doesn’t matter whether the pregnancy was planned or not. The nervousness among the women and men are the same as they are about to have a lifetime experience.

When do you become pregnant? We usually suspect about being pregnant only when we are late. How do you come to know about the pregnancy?

Being late for the period does not necessarily means that you are on the family way. So, now comes the time when you have to test it.  You are eager, anxious to know what’s cooking in the bun.

However, with the introduction of initial pregnancy testing methods at home, you don’t have to keep guessing whether you are going to get a happy news or vice versa. These versatile sticks have put an end to the long process of getting urine sample tested.

This small stick makes a deliberate attempt to inspect the growth of hCG hormone. It is first produced at the early stage of implantation.

While using the stick you are always advised to ensure if the pregnancy testing stick works in a proper manner. It can be misleading and might lead to severe complications.

All this would be tainted if you got a false result, be it negative or positive. As per the doctors, we should opt for the best-selling pregnancy kit.

It’s essential that you get the best results for both your peace of mind as well as future planning. Before we begin, let’s look at some of the finest pregnancy sticks in the market.

The First Choice Pregnancy Test – 3 Pack pregnancy stick might not have two different options, but it does make it easier for women to test for pregnancy. There is a choice as one can use it midstream while peeing or use a cup.

This is made possible due to the design that makes it easy to use. The results are accurate, easy to read and quick to show.


  • It has a comfortable design
  • It can measure levels of up to 10mIU
  • Each stick is packed with a cover that ensures that stick remains sterile
  • Conveniently designed that suits the consumer needs to a great extent
  • It reflects the test effectively on the screen giving a darker result even on the first try


  • It’s accurate
  • Good value for money


  • Some view the midstream part of the test to be too narrow and small


As above said features state, this pregnancy stick is capable of stating the record 10mIU levels of pregnancy. As this level is considered an ideal level of FSH found in pregnant women.

With this, any woman who has just missed or noticed even a single day of delayed periods can use this pregnancy stick in order to determine pregnancy and act accordingly. However, this is a fact that calculating lowest levels of FSH help a lot.

It leads to a faultless display of results taking not more than 3 minutes. The test can display clear lines that noticeably states whether you are pregnant or  not.

This is done by displaying darker results on the screen so the one who is conducting the test is sure about the beginning of her gestation period.

The designing of the stick is remarkably done in order to make its use as comfortable as possible. You can either drop urine on the stick using a dropper.

Alternatively, you may dip into the cup of urine.  In addition to this, covering the stick also helps in keeping the test safe and free from all kinds of mess.

Simple as it may sound, each test is neatly wrapped and you can use new test every time. This way this stick guarantees to provide 100% explicit results.

Although, every kit has laid a specific set of instructions written on it the process is common to all. First Choice is one of the ultimate pregnancy testing stick that is available all time around near you. Alternatively, it can be purchased via online shopping.

However, this kit can easily calculate the hCG levels 6+ days before you miss your period. Due to this, many women can save the occurrence of miscarriage by taking supportive medications immediately.


Pregnancy testing stick is an awesome product when you are on the family way. Considering the brand name, if you are looking for an alternative, the Easy@Home pregnancy test kit is its best competitor.

This product is again used for similar utility and getting results within a couple of minutes. In all honesty, we’d choose the pregnancy test from First Choice. This is because it has shown to have a higher accuracy level as compared to the one from Easy@Home.

Another product, which could become the competitor of the First Choice Pregnancy Stick is the Clear blue Digital Pregnancy Test  with Smart Countdown. A unique feature of this test kit is that it provides you with countdown of when you can expect the results, after you’ve done all that is necessary.

However, the price of this product is a bit more compared to First Choice Pregnancy Stick, and it comes in a pack of only one test kit.

All in all, the First Choice Pregnancy Stick remains true to its name, because it is the first choice for women who want to check if they are pregnant or not.


Pregnancy testing was never so easy. With the introduction of pregnancy test stick, every woman has it on her mind every time she misses her period.

So, if you are about to test your pregnancy or preparing yourself to pee on a stick, the First Choice pregnancy stick will be your most approachable and available choice. Say no to ghost lines when you have First Choice pregnancy stick.

It ensures no more false or fake testing. So, if you are going to be a mother, you will know that, and can plan accordingly for your child’s future.

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