Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests by Miloo: Reliable Predictor and Pregnancy Test Combo Kit

Stress can make trying to get pregnant even harder for a couple. It can already be difficult for people to conceive without stressing about being stressed. While some couples are almost immediately able to see success with their chosen pregnancy test or tests, that isn’t the case for everyone.

For some couples, it might feel almost impossible to conceive. Maybe you are among this latter group. Maybe you’ve started to have the thought that maybe having a baby just isn’t in the cards for you.

Don’t give up yet. There are options. Maybe you just haven’t happened to get the timing right just yet. Getting pregnant might take a little more work for you than for some other people. But by using an ovulation test, you can figure out almost exactly when the best time to try to conceive will be.

A little bit of help couldn’t hurt, right? One brand you might decide to consider is Miloo. The Pregnancy and Ovulation Test by Miloo includes both ovulation tests and pregnancy tests all in the same box.

Handy, right? But there are plenty of different pregnancy and ovulation tests out there. Why should you consider purchasing this kit, the Pregnancy and Ovulation Test by Miloo?

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  • 50 ovulation test strips
  • 20 pregnancy test strips
  • Accuracy for both tests is around 99%
  • Sensitive enough to pick up amounts as low as 25 mIU/hCG
  • Easy to use—just soak it in urine for 5 seconds then let it sit
  • As is standard with such tests, one line means a negative result and two lines means positive result
  • Results as soon as 1 minute and within 5 minutes
  • Customer Care on hand to assist and help ensure satisfied users of these tests


  • Tests are inexpensive but identical in quality and design to those found at a doctor’s office
  • Small size and design of tests make them discreet and ideal for people who want or need to test on the go
  • Includes clear instructions that are easy to follow
  • Individually wrapped tests help avoid any sort of contamination and lower risk of damaging the test
  • It is clear and easy to distinguish between the pregnancy and ovulation tests within the box


  • Dipping the stick further than instructed can result in an invalid test
  • Running dye and evaporation lines can create unclear results
  • Product doesn’t currently have many reviews


The Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests by Miloo is a great product that has a quality level close to that of the tests that are used at the doctor’s office. So, if you are planning to go to the doctors to get an accurate test, these tests have 99% accuracy. These test are also a really good option for anyone hoping to be discreet about what they are doing.

This is due to their size. Their small size also means you can stash a lot of them away in the cupboard without filling up your entire cupboard with boxes. 70 individual boxes of digital pregnancy and ovulating tests would take up a lot of room, in contrast. A kit with this many tests is perfect for the individual who likes doing a bunch of pee-stick tests.

Buying them in bulk like this also means this type of person isn’t spending a ton of money on pregnancy and ovulation tests. Some people might be concerned that they will use the wrong test by grabbing the wrong one out of the box. No fear. Each tests, although individually wrapped, is clearly marked as either an ovulation test or a pregnancy test. There is a very low risk of using the wrong test for your purposes.

All of that positive stuff being said, there are a few negative things that should be considered. If you dip the stick further than instructed it can invalidate the test. If, however, you follow the direction, this particular problem won’t even exist. The main issue with these tests is that occasionally the dye will run funny and evaporation lines can occur. This is a reoccurring issue but it isn’t an issue that always occurs.

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